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Ellsworth Johnson Michaud

Droit familial et droit collaboratif

Nous fournissons des conseils complets en matière de séparation ou de divorce, notamment en ce qui concerne la pension alimentaire, la garde des enfants et le partage des biens. Nos praticiens certifiés en ADR se concentrent sur des solutions efficaces, rentables et collaboratives, en évitant les litiges inutiles.

Clients in the process of a separation or divorce need guidance and up-to-date information on a host of topics. From child and spousal support issues to child custody and claims for the division of property, we guide our clients carefully through the court proceedings, settlement negotiations, or collaborative law processes that are necessary to achieve a fair result.

Family and Collaborative services are provided by certified ADR practitioners with the realistic objective of avoiding unnecessary court costs. Professional custody assessments, negotiated access arrangements, consensual separation agreements, and the strategic and timely resolution of financial claims, are accomplished without recourse to litigation.

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